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21 Jun


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Two frighteningly fun races

June 21, 2017 | By | No Comments

Two frighteningly fun races.

By Matt Payne


Rapha Nocturne

After a successful (unofficial) pre-party, with thanks to Huez* Apparel, Jackpot Peanut-butter and Volcano Coffeeworks, the Nocturne in heart of London was inevitably going to be a thrilling home race.

-It got busier than this, promise- 

The weather was perfect, swaths of blue instead of grey could even be seen in the sky -looked odd. The team Brooke, Ben, Jevi, Max, Edgarz, Dan, Owen & I racing felt some unassumed responsibility with the community and crew being present, expecting big things.

-LDN pride and sore throats-

The first lap, after a cautious neutral lap, was incredibly crashy. 3 pile-ups in one lap, eew. A bike bounced across the track and I had to come down and back up for the restart, which is where everyone finally switched on.




-Federico pulling a sick skid fam-

The race was fast! Dan, Owen and I had fun in the front group, this course tests both technical ability as well as strength in the two straights. You cannot help smiling as you go around this circuit, unless you’re suffering, which is what happened to my race.


-‘Like the boss level of a video game’-

A mechanical meant that I had lost 2/3 bike lengths in every corner and had to make it up on the straights. With 1 lap to go I fell off the front group by about 15 seconds as Owen and Dan both finished within the top 10 of an elite field. Brooke killed it in the sprint, finishing second. A magnificent result for our team, born out of nothing more than friendships and the pursuit for good vibes, amazing!

Crying whilst time-trailing, it’s a thing-

Rad Race Fixed 42 – III

The Rad-Race Fixed42 is another surreal race. Memories from last year are of a ferocious Autobahn section -where Owen got megafame- and an excruciatingly long sprint finish.

-Owen unt his Fixed42 megafame, as poster boy, from 2016-

The same was true of this year, I feel that it was more crashy, though. Ben got tangled up due to an inexperienced rider flailing next to him at 46km/hr (glad you’re okay duuude). Maybe I haven’t been training all that much this year, or maybe had too many Berlin Burgers, ‘coz the pace at Templhof was scorching and holding on felt like climbing up a gym rope that’s been doused in petrol and set on fire.

-Coops to the right of the shot, minorfame. *It must’ve been unimaginably hard work to be on the front of this field, ew-

I set it back to a smaller group with Edgarz & Max, who, with players from 8Bar, Standert and FixedPott, worked well to keep the tempo up finishing at 46.5km/hr avg. Within the city, the tailwinds where sweet but headwinds were grim. Also, the finishing straight is just so long that it becomes that intense part of spin class where the girl who’d signed up to the gym at New Years -for the first time- has a nosebleed.





-Dan, on the left, head down and probably venting like Tony Martin on a hot day-


For me, a fun but casual race this year. Shout out to Toto and Johanna for solid performances in the Women’s field. Well done Dan for 18th (Blasting Owens and My 29th and 26th last year, respectively). Thank you to all our sponsors for all of your support and faith!


Photos by Sam Dunn

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