Where to go in east London?

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Where to go in east London

East London is often informally and popularly defined as part of London, central of London. By many definitions, it’s also east of the River Thames and therefore, centrally located within London. For those who are curious as to what it might be like to live or visit east of the Thames, they are advised to visit the Docklands. This is not to say that the East End of London isn’t worth a look. It is.

The area around West End is bustling and diverse, offering a great deal of opportunity for visitors to sample a wide range of cultures. It’s a vibrant and lively place with a wide variety of employment opportunities. It has a very English feel, with lots of small privately owned bars and cafes. A trip to this part of London may whet your appetite for the more urban environment.

For those who prefer a quieter evening, they may want to consider visiting Sloane Street. This is located in the middle of London’s most trendy area. It’s renowned for designer boutiques and art galleries. The seating at the cafes and pubs offer a pleasant and comfortable setting.

Just across the river from Sloane Street is the Theatreland area. It’s west end is packed with pubs and restaurants. There are many live music performances at these locations. It’s worth taking a walk across this bridge after a meal to avoid the rush hour traffic.

A little further east is Clapham. It’s an ever changing and lively area. Many events occur here including the world’s largest festival, the Tattoo. This festival celebrates individuality and creativity in all forms.

Eastenders is also located near Eastenders. It is the original location of the Hamleys shoe factory. This old industrial site is now a renovated art center. It houses many exhibits, conferences, and performances. It’s worth taking a short stroll around here to see the fantastic architectural features.

Those who are looking for a bit of culture will enjoy Covent Garden. It is home to many cultural venues such as the Royal College of Psychiatrists and the famous Freud Museum. A visit to this venue is worthwhile.

For those looking to purchase property in east London, it’s important to take some time to research the area. The location of a home or apartment can have an impact on the value. There are many areas in east London that have been developed. If one is considering investing in property in east London, these are some good places to start.

One of the best areas to invest in property in is Knightsbridge. Here there are many options available, including a variety of residential properties. The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea is home to many renowned homes. If you want to know where to go in east London, consider investing in a property in one of these areas.

While many tourists visit the west end of the city, it is still a great place to live. Here one can experience the beautiful river view. There are also many parks in the area. While many tourists visit Kensington Palace, there are many activities that one can participate in while in the vicinity. Taking a walk across the Thames is one of the most popular tourist attractions in London.

With over three million people now living in east London, this neighborhood has a very cosmopolitan feel to it. Many different cultures have left their mark on this neighborhood. If you want to experience an old world charm, then consider investing in a property here. It is especially popular with Irish and Polish immigrants. When looking for a place to live, it might be wise to rent a property in East London.

Chinatown is a very popular location in this part of London. It is also home to many ethnic groups. While some people do not associate the word “chicano” with Ireland, the Irish population makes up the largest part of this section of London.

When looking for where to go in east London, you will find that it is an incredibly diverse city. The rich and diverse culture of the east is one of the main reasons why it is such a sought after place to live. If you want a quiet place to raise your children, then living in east London is ideal. For those seeking to experience a new culture, then consider investing in a property in east London.